ODESZA Might Have Just Announced a New Album Release Date

ODESZA Might Have Just Announced a New Album

It seems like it has been ages since In Return was released. Since it dropped in 2014 ODESZA has barely satisfied our need for new music with the deluxe version in 2015 only adding some live versions and instrumentals. Fast forward to March 26, 2016 and they tease us with  being created through an Instagram post.

That was over a year ago and it only made fans more anxious for their return. Suddenly they decided to without warning during their Day For Night set. This move got the internet buzzing as it was the first sign the album since the Instagram hint. Since that night they have been pretty quiet, and we have been patiently waiting. With recent activity by the duo, it looks we can breath a sigh relief because we might finally be getting some kind new music next week.

ODESZA Might Have Just Announced a New Album Release Date

On April 18th ODESZA released a Spotify playlist with unfamiliar cover art and titled as  “. . . . _ / . . _ _ _ . . . . ” After some confusion, the title was translated to 4/25 which would be next Tuesday, April 25th. If the date proves to be correct then what can we expect? It has been over a year since they announced they were working on an album and they have already incorporated new music into their live set. All the signs are pointing towards a release date for the album, but we would definitely be pleased even with only a song or two releasing.

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