Only The Beat Goes To Bumbershoot 2017

Only The Beat Goes To Bumbershoot 2017
is almost upon us! Seattle's annual Labor Day event brings an almost overwhelming amount art, live music, comedy, and plenty other things worth checking out to the Seattle Center. Here's our picks for the weekend. While things may change and there is plenty to be spontaneous about, here's where you can probably find us. Also, the weather is slated to be 80° and sunny. Not sure you could really ask for much better.  Tickets are still available! 

Friday, September 1st

J GRGRY - MURAL AMPITHEATRE (3:45pm – 4:15pm) Kind a John Mayer x Robert Smith x Killers vibe I’m picking up. Not convinced if that’s exactly what I’m hearing, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out when I’m there. PVRIS - FISHER GREEN STAGE (4:55pm – 5:35pm) You know these guys used to be a metalcore band? Really feeling this 80s vibe they’re going with these days. Their new album All We Know Of Heaven, All We Know Hell is out as August 25 and it’s goooooooood. Gated reverb and synths. Awesome. FOSTER THE PEOPLE - MEMORIAL STADIUM (6:05pm – 6:50pm) “Pumped Up Kicks” is not a happy song. *sad trombone* I’m going to guess that most people aren’t too familiar with their discography outside their breakout hit, but you should be. Their shows are like a big dance party. Hope you’re ready to move your feet. WHETHAN - KEY ARENA (6:20pm – 7:05pm) I know its way overdone these days, but I really like future bass. Whethan I feel is at least willing to step out the safety net the genre and is not afraid to get weird. He also has a pretty solid roster vocalists too, including fellow Bumbershootee Lorde, Charlie XCX, and Ashe. Not super down with these sub sixty minute sets here though. SLUSHII - KEY ARENA (7:20pm – 8:05 pm) See? Still not bored future bass. Granted, that’s only a small part Julian Scanlan’s fairly innovative, upbeat style. Dude can’t even (legally) drink yet and he just released his first album, complete with his own vocals. JAUZ - KEY ARENA (8:15pm – 9:15pm) Shark Squad, baby. FLUME - MEMORIAL STADIUM (9:15pm – 10:30pm) Wow, this lineup is really heavy on the future bass. Not really sure I noticed that until I started making my day to day schedule. Difference here though is that the Australian producer can basically be credited with pioneering the genre. I see the rise indie electronic music as a need to divert from the big room bangers that surfaced around 2013, in the wake EDM as a culture taking f. Flume was experimenting with those sounds before a lot people had even been to their first show. I might…have to cut out a little early to see the end Flo Rida’s set at the Fisher Green Stage. Say what you want, the dude is a hit machine and one his shows sounds like a lot fun.
After leaving day one the festival, consider swinging by the . If you missed out on Pretty Lights at the Gorge this year like I did, this should be a pretty good way to fill that void.


SAINT CLAIRE x JAKE CROCKER - MURAL AMPITHEATRE (3:45pm - 4:25pm) John Sinclair and Jake Crocker are some local names you should absolutely keep your eye on. We've been chatting with Jake for sometime and working on getting a piece done. Be sure to catch their set so you can say "I saw them when..." MIDDLE KIDS - FISHER GREEN STAGE (5:00pm – 5:35pm) I’m in love in Hannah Joy’s voice. This whole band’s vibe is like quintessential Bumbershoot. Perfect for a Seattle summer afternoon under the Space Needle. It’s criminal they’re only getting a half an hour. TACOCAT - FISHER GREEN STAGE (6:00pm – 6:40pm) Tacocat is one those names I see on every poster stapled to a telephone pole throughout Seattle. This is pop punk that would get The Ramones to turn their heads. It’s fun and bratty and high energy. I mean, they have a song called “I Love Seattle.” How could you not? WEEZER - MEMORIAL STADIUM (7:35pm – 8:50pm) The Blue Album was one the first CDs I ever owned. I feel like Weezer is one those bands you just have to see at some point in your life. Their new stuff sounds a little different (kind Imagine Dragons/Twenty One Pilots or something), but it’s good different. Always important to let artists branch out. BIG WILD - KEY ARENA (8:25pm – 9:25pm) I’ll be sure to head over after Weezer’s set to catch last bit Big Wild. Jackson Stell settled on the name after his experiences in the California wilderness and you can definitely here the influence, as well as why he's caught the eye Odesza. Super cool stuff. Might go check out a bit Conor Oberst ( Bright Eyes) on my way through the festival grounds too. LORDE - MEMORIAL STADIUM (9:35pm – 10:50pm) I am Lorde; yah yah yah. I would under almost any other circumstances go to Dillon Francis, but he’s in Seattle all the time. Another good option is tyDi at the Silent Disco. Or The Roots. Damn...too much good music.
! Standout set from Paradiso this summer.


WHITE REAPER - MURAL AMPHITHEATRE (3:45pm – 4:45pm) When I first heard these guys, I could have sworn that they had a song on the Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist soundtrack, but turns out I was wrong. They definitely fit the vibe though. Late nights, garage sound, reckless adventures. Good stuff. PLUTO - KEY ARENA (4:40pm – 5:10pm) Pretty sure we’re on the verge on hearing a lot from Sam Martinsen. Someone in Seattle bring him back for more than just thirty minutes please. HONORS - FISHER GREEN STAGE (5:00pm - 5:30pm) Couldn’t find a whole lot from these Canadians, but what’s on their Soundcloud I really like. Absolutely worth stopping by their set. EKALI - KEY ARENA (6:00pm – 6:40pm) One my favorite artist discoveries the last year. Future bass at its future bassiest. X AMBASSDORS - MEMORIAL STADIUM (6:20pm – 7:20pm) All hail the underdogs All hail the new kids All hail the outlaws Spielberg's and Kubrick's LOUIS THE CHILD - (7:45pm – 8:45pm) You can thank Madeon for the wonderful and unique stylings Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett. The two met at a show about five years ago and have been making delightfully magnetic music ever since. They even got open for Madeon in 2015. How fun. CASH CASH - KEY ARENA (8:55pm – 9:55pm) You know that Cash Cash used to play at Warped Tour? Yeah, as a punk rock band. Sounds like they made the right call. Fun stuff, but unfortunately won’t be staying too long. Gotta make it to Memorial Stadium. ODESZA - MEMORIAL STADIUM (9:20pm – 10:50pm) Basically my main reason for going to Bumbershoot this year and easily one my favorite acts pretty much since the moment I heard them. I’ve sung their praises before. . Clayton and Harrison have credited summer in Pacific Northwest as having a huge presence in the music they produce and you can absolutely hear it. I can’t really imagine a better to close out the weekend.

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