Our Second Placement on NCIS: Los Angeles.

Our Second Placement on NCIS: Los Angeles.NCIS: Los Angeles has chosen yet another song from the Skuffmarx Studio writing team.  The Team Consists of Mixter Ed, Les Correa, Amy Correa Bell, & Patrick Antonian...

The Show airs on The CBS Network and is filled with amazing action & Drama. Starring LL Cool J & Chris O'Donnell The partnership between the two have added up to some amazing episodes...

If you haven't got a chance to check out the show, please do so. It is addictive and interesting. 

We are happy to continue our relationship with the sound coordinators and the placements are getting bigger and better.

We the team writes music for the show, It is specifically for the show and the music is not released besides when the episodes air. They are very special and custom tailored to fit the show. 

We look forward to more work and placements with CBS and NCIS: Los Angeles.

One Hundred!!!

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