Paradiso Festival Top 5 Anticipated Sets

Paradiso Festival Top 5 Anticipated Sets
With less than two weeks remaining until Paradiso Festival is in full swing, everything is starting to feel a bit more real. It's time to start giving in to that excitement you have been fighting to keep down and start really thinking about who you want to see at Paradiso. With that in mind, we asked a few fellow festival goers who they are most excited for. Their answers? Well you will just have to keep reading to find out.

Paradiso Festival Top 5 Anticipated Sets

Eric Skoog Writer/Editor for OTB]

Grant Kwiecinski is such a freaking stud. The guy seems like he would be one the most fun dudes to hang out with. If you want just a taste, check out his impromptu marching band on Holy Ship or the or really any the videos on his Facebook. It's all just about promoting good times, positivity, and community. Also, I'm just a huge fan live music mixed with DJing. If he's performing a golden hour set as hinted to on Facebook, please do yourself a favor and make sure you don't miss it.

Gareth Emery has to be one the most genuine artists in the scene right now.  He is dedicated, outspoken, and flawlessly manages this balancing act style and emotion in his production. The guy is a true musician. Check out some the acoustic versions his songs.

Back when Seven Lions was in Seattle in October, my friends all came to the agreement that if we could only see one artist perform every weekend from now until forever, it would be Seven Lions. That still stands for me. t.

Porter is one the first producers I ever seriously followed and has always remained at the very top my list. No matter how many other songs I get temporarily hooked on, has always been my favorite. I know he can get a little preachy sometimes, but I'm going to allow it considering how much his music has had on me. Even my mom knows how much I like him.

Man, that is not something I would have said two years ago. Now I'm going to his very own festival (Sluggtopia) at Red Rocks in October. Crazy stuff.

Rob Lonac Resident Bass Head]

Snails will always bring back memories doing shots back stage at my very first festival, never a dull moment with him. You don't know what he's going to throw at you, but you know it will make you bang your head.


Flux is what got me into EDM and I still have never seen him. DoctorP saw at Paradiso 2 years ago? All I remember is wreckage was getting lit up. They are going to melt faces together.

He brings that dirty UK underground trap.

Wake up is probably one my favorite EDM songs. I feel he's going to bring the heat and drop banger after banger.

Really didn't listen to them before they were announced for Diso but I dig the old school rave vibe

Nathanael Engen Founder & CEO Mixhap Entertainment]

After what seems like an eternity, Breathe Carolina is finally coming to the Pacific Northwest. After my heartbreak missing them in B.C. a few months ago, I was relieved to see their name on the line up for Paradiso this year. From Warped Tour to Paradiso, Breathe Carolina undoubtedly has a wide range talent and sound. With strong influences from alternative rock in their past, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a few alternative style drops.


I’m trying to keep it together  but “I get emotional” over the fact that Flux Pavilion is going B2B with Doctor P.  I’ve seen them before and can say, they did not disappoint whatsoever. With some the most recognizable drops and bangers in EDM, I’m eagerly waiting to see what they have in store.

Fulfilling my Drum and Bass craving, Sub Focus jumps to my top five. If you haven’t had the chance to see Nick perform or you’re new to D&B, I highly recommend checking him out. His Freaknight 2015 set was nothing short intoxicating.

I’m always ecstatic to see Zomboy. Although I’m not a basshead, I have loved every performance I've attended. Each one has been different and dynamic from his previous shows. With no shortage energy, he always has levels to his sets while still being able to rage your face f.

After attending the Shelter tour last December, Porter is my #1 most anticipated performance for Paradiso 2017. Being known for his high quality productions and music that can take you to other Worlds, Porter’s set can likely be the best set the weekend.

Matthew Jager Writer / Graphic Designer for OTB]

When I think what sets I am most excited for at this year’s Paradiso Festival, there are none I am more excited for more than Vini Vici. This legendary duo and masters the psytrance genre have long been requested for a PNW performance, and finally we get our chance to see them live at one the most beautiful venues on Earth!

A deep dive into the trippier more experimental side bass music is what awaits you at a Space Jesus set. His style has such a unique flair and his productions are the best kind out-there and will leave you saying "whut" so many times during his set as he blows your mind with music you have never heard before. I can not wait to get down and weird when he takes the stage at this years Paradiso.

 Sub Focus and Andy C will bring insane sets as the lords DnB. However, my personal favorite artist those playing at Paradiso this year are Camo & Krooked- they bring that fast paced rowdy DnB action.


Another set that will end up in the “whut” category is Bleep Bloop b2b Alix Perez. Both artists have such a unique sound and really push the boundaries what ever genre they are currently producing in. This set is going to blow people’s minds as both artists have a packed catalogue experimental bass music just waiting to be unleashed upon the crowd. If you want to expand your knowledge dance music and haven't seen either these two live, I highly recommend that you catch this b2b.

Last on this list, but not least, is Mija. There are very few DJs more talented or who have a deeper knowledge in music than Mija. You don’t ever quite know what Mija is going to play next, but her sets can range anywhere from hip hop to house. She has been making waves the past few years, and every time I have seen a set from her, I have left feeling blown away. The only reason she isn’t the #1 artist on my list is because I have been fortunate enough to see her a few times. If you haven't had the opportunity yet, now is your chance. Don’t miss it.

Who are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments. Looking to make last minute plans to join in on all the fun? Tickets and event information can be found the links below!

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Paradiso Festival Top 5 Anticipated Sets