Pasquale Rotella Considering EDC Vegas Date Switch

Pasquale Rotella Considering EDC Vegas Date Switch

Rumors about EDC Las Vegas 2018 have been floating around but one thing for sure is that changes are really being considered. Pasquale Rotella recently revealed to the that he was considering moving the dates the festival. Previously held during father’s day weekend, the change might mean more family time for headliners and more tolerable weather conditions.

Just barely a month since headliners left the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Monday morning, speculations have been made about changes to one the most anticipated electronic music events. Word was going around that there would be two weekends EDC Las Vegas but Pasquale’s Twitter response stopped those rumors. Most recently, there was talk that Insomniac would to the new Raiders’ stadium.
Although a new date has yet to be chosen, the possibility a new date is not just another unsubstantiated rumor.
“I’ve explored lots date options, but no decision has been made,” Rotella said. “We could end up on the same date in June, but we’re exploring the possibility moving.”

Considering the weather and racing events hosted at the Speedway, there is a narrow window for potential EDC dates. Memorial Day weekend has been brought up as a possibility but decisions have yet to be made. With all the rumors going around, there is finally some clarity from Pasquale about what direction the changes are going in.

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