Samplifire Slays New EP Featuring Hit Track "Doom"

Samplifire released his new DISHONORED EP 2 weeks ago today featuring an absolutely filthy dubstep tune titled “Doom”. The song is the fourth out six total tracks, which have ravers and metalheads alike revealing their most grimy bass-faces. The EP is fully immersed in deep, dark sound design and spans across a rugged and gritty musical landscape.

“Doom” starts out with deep, heavy metal guitar riffs and drums backed by an evil vocal sample. As the drums begin to build toward the drop, Samplifire puts on a clinic on how to seamlessly blend metal into dubstep, with thick guitar riffs that will have you buckling up and holding on for dear life before it hits. The drop is every sound designers dream work, featuring grinding metal basses and a riddim feel that will have headbangers breaking barriers at venues all over. There are not many dubstep artists that are still attacking this heavy metal sound full-force, but the France based Producer has stayed true to his roots and kept rocking with this new tune. This style is something that a lot big names in the dubstep community started out producing before falling into somewhat a mainstream sound, but as Samplifire continues releasing metal-based electronic music, it just keeps getting better and better.

The DISHONORED EP reached number 1 on Beatport's Dubstep Top 100 today, even topping the new releases out by “Never Say Die”, which is seriously an awesome accomplishment. Samplifier continues to impress us as his productions become more and more unique, but no less heavy than the day his first ficial release. There is no talk what will come next this year from Samplifire, but we can only hope he will drop some more massive tunes for us to mosh to throughout the rest 2017.

Check out “Doom” below: