See DJs React to Hans Zimmer's Breathtaking Coachella Set and Watch It For Yourself

Well folks that is a wrap. Hands down, no questions asked Hans Zimmer just broke the entire world with his Coachella set. The Oscar winning mastermind you favorite scores took the stage tonight and performed his greatest hits. The crowd absolutely could not handle his greatness. Hans performed scores from Pirates the Caribbean, Interstellar, The Lion King and so many more. Not only that but he showed his range in music as he played countless instruments himself.

This was literally one the most beautiful experiences we have ever watched. But do not take our word for it alone. Check out what your favorite DJs had to say about the mind blowing set. Then watch all the videos we have compiled below the absolutely best moments, including an unexpected Collaboration with Pharrell (who he worked on the Hidden Figures soundtrack with). Hans Zimmer did what not DJ could this weekend, and that was leave the crowd in awe.

DJs React To Hans Zimmer Coachella Set

Hans Zimmer Set List

Watch Hans Zimmer Perform at Coachella 2017