Seven Lions' Fresh Melodic Dubstep Single Unchains Your Free Spirit

just released a new single featuring the vocals Skyler Stonestreet that will give you chills. This single titled, ‘Freesol’ is the epitome empowering electronic music, making it clear on why people immensely love this style music.

Seven Lions creates a beautiful melodic dubstep masterpiece, ‘Freesol’.

With a powerful and soothing melodic drop and Skyler Stonestreet‘s spectacular voice this track has the ingredients to be the highlight any festival. You can find Seven Lions blasting this peaceful track at festivals around the world this summer such as , , , , and just to name a few.

The message this melodic dubstep single calls for your free spirit to roar.

There is no doubt you will have this track on repeat and have it as a go-to for when you need a song to keep you up. We cannot wait to bask in this blissful song this summer.

Listen to Seven Lions ‘Freesol’ featuring Skyler Stonestreet below: 

Bonus Tracks: Listen to Seven Lion’s 8 track Creation EP from 2016 below: 

For this EP Seven Lions experiments with some non dance floor related tracks and really gets back to his metal and acoustic roots.

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