Shotgun Suge Goes At Cassidy On "You Ain't Gang"

Cassidy has been fishing for another rap battle lately, and it seems like he's closer to hooking a big one on the line. Shotgun Suge was the first battler to respond to the Philly rapper's open callout in May, and since then the two have been going back and forth in interviews.

Speaking with Rap Grid in a video from May 9, URL's resident bully said, "The industry niggas don’t wanna give us no respect on the music tip in they world. We gotta work extra hard. But y’all just wanna jump in our world and collect this big fuckin’ check and be terrible … When you battled Dizaster you was wack nigga. You was hot back in the day — Freeway — but right now you wack. You can’t compete."

Cassidy later told DoggieDiamondsTV that he would "easily destroy" Suge but that he'd be willing to take anyone on URL if the league was interested and the money was right.

Now Suge has responded on wax, using the same direct approach that has brought him success on the battle rap stage.

"Give Cassidy a first-class tragedy / Give this nigga free bucks like a charity / Head shot Chubby Jag come and bury him / Closed casket have Swizz come and carry him," the Newark, New Jersey native raps on "You Ain't Gang."

Listen to the full track below.

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