Skan Just Released A Powerful Song with Drama B: "Outcast"

An up-and-coming trap DJ, Skan, has proven expertise with his new song titled “Outcast” feat. Drama B that dropped two days ago. The song was published on a SoundCloud promoter page, The Chill Planet, and has gained a lot attention for the new artist.

We think this remix was a perfect match because the transformation Drama B’s powerful lyrics should be highlighted, not hidden by heavy mixing, which Skan executes respectively. Along with this song, which is available for free download, he has a compilation on his SoundCloud 13 ; each one accentuates the individual talents apparent in this DJ.

His sound varies from one side the trap spectrum to the other, but it’s Skan’s versatility that allows him to understand music with a well-rounded perspective.

The heavy synth presence underlying the beginning the track adds an essence intensity that bodes well with the overall tone that Skan creates.

Before the drop, the featured artist Drama B adds genius lyricism in the transition to an effortless drop to further drive home this message. There is an increasing amount art recently that has been centralized around the importance expression, even if it goes against the status quo, and this Skan song resonates with similar messages being spread by all different types artists.

“In the end game the outcast gets the last laugh,” he sings.

This drop is startling, exciting, and unpredictable all at the same time. The strong interconnectedness the electro-melody and the compelling lyrics are the ingredients for some the most powerful trap drops we’ve heard recently.