Skrillex Gives Explanation for Run In with the Law

If you are a fan dance music, and haven't been living under a rock this week, you've caught the news that electronic superstar  had a run in with the law in Hollywood, CA. Pictures and videos surfaced Skrillex in handcuffs and rumors swirled as to what exactly could have been the reasoning behind the incident. Now, Skrillex has taken to twitter to explain the situation and why he was wrapped up in the way he was.

As the tweet above shows, the situation which might have seemed more sinister, was relatively simplistic and the charges were quite minimized compared to what some the rumors said. While it comes as no surprise that Skrillex loves loud music, seeing him in handcuffs was surprising indeed. Skrillex has long been one the poster boys Electronic music and his passionate and caring attitude has been shown in many examples. We're glad out view him hasn't changed even with this slight speed bump. Check out the video him in handcuffs below to get a better idea what everyone was talking about.