Skrillex Reunites With Poo Bear To Produce New Track For Latin Vocalist Juanes- 'All We Can Do'

Skrillex has moved heavily away from solo work in the last quarter 2017 and focused heavily on production for artists ranging in every imaginable genre. Today the latest Skrillex production has dropped and it is for his past collaborator Poo Bear and Latin vocalist Juanes. ‘All We Can Do' is a slow and relaxed track that will give you visual imagery gorgeous coastal beaches.

Skrillex clearly took inspiration from both Latin and Reggae genres to help curate the perfectly chilled out vibe for Juanes to sing over. Yet again we have to say that we are a little confused by Skrillex's focus as many the tracks he has focused on will not be making any major waves. None the less Sonny continues to show up that he is capable making music at every and all levels. Check it out below.