Slushii Step By Step

Slushii  Step By Step

Slushii – Step By Step

Los Angeles-based electronic musician Slushii has released a new track, ‘Step By Step,’ available as a free download. It’s a glossy, glistening dubstep track with arpeggiated synths, piano, and a solid vocal from Slushii himself (real name: Julian Scanlan). The 20-year-old producer navigates the listener through a vibrant sonic landscape over the course the roughly three-minute-long track, complete with two towering builds and drops. The song slows down with a ritardando at the end as subdued piano chords lead to a jazzy minor ninth chord finish. The track manages to effortlessly balance powerful energy with emotive musicality.

‘Step By Step’ marks his first solo release since his single ‘Catch Me’ back in March and follows his sparkling  ‘Twinbow’ with Marshmello. The new single also serves as another taste he has teased on . If these tracks are any indication as to what the rest the album sounds like, we can expect many more sugary-sweet tunes with pounding drops, catchy vocals, and colorful, sentimental soundscapes. Slushii has a variety upcoming tour dates and festivals, including TomorrowlandLollapalooza Paris, and Electric Zoo—you can purchase tickets to his shows .

Stream and download his new track ‘Step By Step’ below, and sound f on what you think in the comments.

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