SnowGlobe Curated A Magical Experience To Kick Off 2017

Bundled up in a snowsuit, gripping onto your best pals, fireworks glistening f the surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountains while the strains   cut through the chilly air is how I entered the New Year.

Relive the SnowGlobe experience with this NYE countdown video: 

This was my fourth year attending  and each year it exceeds my expectations.

This epic three-day festival in the snow taking place in South Lake Tahoe on December 29th-31st, has been reconvening since 2011 and is the largest outdoor New Year’s music festival. With 50 big name artists and over 60,000 attendees over the course the weekend, this event was one for the books.

This year, major changes were made to the layout the frosty event to enhance its magic.

The three stages were expanded and moved to a larger area. The size the main stage was increased for more viewing space, while the Sierra Stage was fully un-tented and moved to a different location. The Igloo Tent had unique lighting and its structure was altered for a more intimate experience.

The perennial favorite was the ski and snowboarding showcase that entertained festival goers between sets. Fire spinners and dancers were also there for entertainment and multiple art installations were added to provide extra vibrancy to the event.

Day 1: So it begins…

 strongly kicked f the weekend on the main stage.  then got the crowd getting down to his dirty drops in the early evening. followed and blew the crowd away as they always do. This time they gloriously incorporated pyrotechnics into their performance and utilized fire spurts as an unexpected surprise springing from the main stage and viewing deck.

At the same time, on the Sierra Stage, newer DJ and producer blew minds as the audience was stunned by the young DJ’s talents.

followed, holding the crowd in his palm as they chanted back and forth with him throughout his whole set. Never having seen Yachty before, I was blown away by his engaging performance.

The entire day the Igloo Tent had people wiggling to smaller up-and-coming DJs such as , , LP Giobbi, and Si Tukker. Finishing out the night at the Sierra Stage was , a personal highlight mine on the first day which was packed with Vomit Squad members ready for Snails’ slimy filth, and he surely delivered.

Australian artist, , closed out the main stage for the night with a masterpiece a set. The combination his classics with a mix newer beats gave f major feels.

Day 2: Warming up

The unforgettable opened on the Sierra Stage, putting forth pure gold. Later in the day, put on an outstanding and unique performance, changing things up with live trumpet that melted ears. later followed in their footsteps lighting it up at the main stage, using live acoustics and instrumentals throughout the set.

got the crowd going at the main stage with an act that was not merely about the music, but was an entire spectacle, with everything from a light show to a dance crew who took over the stage.

Many attendees said that Major Lazer‘s set was the highlight their weekend. Notable,  returned to SnowGlobe for his second year in a row and I would bet he will be headlining next year with how hot his set was.

Another personal highlight was ‘s , who closed out the second night SnowGlobe, giving fans a place to defrost and go deep in the Igloo.

Day 3: The countdown

The frosty final day was the coldest them all, but that didn’t stop SnowGlobe troopers from enjoying sensational performances from , , and Azizi Gibson. Early in the day . had a unique set, and if you were part the early squad, then you were treated to an intimate performance.

The Igloo Tent was going f around the same time with up-and-coming DJ group , who were laying it down with funky beats.

The crowds started flowing in around 5:00 for . The third day was unique because the number rappers that performed. There was Snow Sessions which was hosted by Traxamillion and Bay Area rappers such as ,  A-Plus and Yukmouth who each performed short sets.

followed on the main stage, heating up the crowd with his extreme pyrotechnics. , a DJ I discovered for the first time at SnowGlobe, was a delightful surprise and one that I added to my music library promptly after the event.

had the light show the weekend, with rainbow rays from the stage that bounced f and through the trees surrounding the Sierra Stage for a stunning effect.

was another highlight my crew’s weekend, as I’m sure it was for others. Then came out  and , the group played banger after banger and had the crowd catchin’ vibes.

The entirety the Chet Porter’s and Jai Wolf’s set was straight magic, I was able to forget the cold and became immersed in their music.

Finally, at the final countdown to 2017, played their remix Hayden James’, ‘‘. As we danced our way into the New Year, the countdown was displayed on a large LED screen, accompanied by a drumline, fireworks and on-stage pyrotechnics.

The fireworks went f perfectly in sync to the beat the song, giving us goosebumps and chills that weren’t caused by the weather, it was an unforgettable moment.

The exhilaration the great music, the beauty the surroundings, the warmth friends and the optimism a New Year that SnowGlobe facilitated will live with me forever. I am already planning my winter wardrobe for SnowGlobe 2018. If you are looking for a cool new onesie like me, . Hope to see you all next year!

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