SoundCloud Alternative For Streaming DJ Mixes and Podcasts

SoundCloud continues to struggle. Even in the midst its new funding, many analysts are expecting SoundCloud will fail. While we're not sure whether SoundCloud will be taken apart some day, we wanted to share with you 5 alternatives to SoundCloud that may be useful for streaming DJ mixes and podcasts.

Like many you, we are one the 40 million people that use SoundCloud on a monthly basis. Despite its years struggling, SoundCloud continues to be one the most popular music streaming websites for up and coming artists as it is a place to host their music and bring people together.

SoundCloud Alternatives for DJ Mixes

Digitally Imported is one our favorite radio companies on the web. It has a great selection different radio channels as well as a well-laid out collection DJ mixes and live shows.

SoundCloud Alternative For Streaming DJ Mixes and Podcasts

Digitally Imported doesn't allow just anyone to upload their own DJ sets though. reserves this for artists and DJs that they have a relationship with. Also we want to note that is for streaming use only. At the time, you're not able to download any the mixes.

Mixcloud is one the most popular SoundCloud alternatives. The streaming service is typically geared towards DJs and artists that use the service to upload their own mixes to the website.

SoundCloud Alternative For Streaming DJ Mixes and PodcastsUnlike SoundCloud, Mixcloud doesn't have any upload limits, but users the service aren't able to download any the sets. Mixcloud is one the best alternatives to SoundCloud in terms its users, artists and community.

Whether you want to discover new movies, music, or TV shows, iTunes is a great way to control the different podcasts you subscribe to. With their easy to use interface, users can discover new podcasts channels through its search functionality and be notified when a podcast has been added.

According to a report from 2015, YouTube accounts for 40% all music streaming and 4% all music revenues. While this isn't necessarily sustainable for YouTube to maintain, the online video community remains one the most popular communities for DJs, artists and its users.

1001 Tracklists is one our favorite resources for DJ sets and mixes. They also are a great resource for discovering tracklists from popular DJ mixes, live sets and podcasts. Most the live sets are pulled from SoundCloud and YouTube, but they do fer a better organization than most streaming platforms.

SoundCloud Alternative For Streaming DJ Mixes and Podcasts