Spag Heddy Drops Massive New Single

Spag Heddy is back at it again with his massive new single SAMIR, which dropped April 22nd on Never Say Die Records. In less than 2 weeks time, SAMIR has almost 150,000 plays on Soundcloud and has the dubstep community going crazy. Our favorite pasta-based producer never fails to keep hitting us with banger after banger and keeps the dubstep sound a lot us enjoy alive. The scene is experiencing an overflow riddim at the moment, so its nice to see guys like Spag Heddy pushing his original dubstep sound.

SAMIR is everything us bassheads wanted to hear, and then some. It incorporates all the great aspects dubstep that we all know and love. The tune starts with an arpeggiated synth rhythm that gives the tune a middle eastern type vibe, which transitions into a huge orchestral hit before the buildup into the drop. The drop is where the magic really happens in this track. Spag Heddy hits you right in the face with an insanely heavy and pure dubstep drop. The sound design is out this world, which makes for a really crazy drop. The basses sound like they are going to hurdle you out this universe, backed by the heavy metal style beat that will have you banging your head like your mad at it.

Spag Heddy consistently impresses us release after release. This new single was a huge push this year and is sure to be topping the dubstep charts in no time. He puts on one the most ill live sets I have ever seen, so be sure to catch him performing if he is in the area… will be in for a treat.


Check out SAMIR here: