Speaker Side Chat With Japanese DJ Duo Drunken Kong

Drunken Kong has been bringing the scene to a whole new level. Since creating their legendary empire at their Womb residency, they are now ready to expand and tour Europe’s crowd.

The Japanese duo have recently released their 5th EP, Life We Knew, as well as reveal the news on their debut album, The Signs Within, which will be available this month.

Whilst keeping the groove alive, the Japanese DJ duo delivers some punching bass lines rolling subs and deep synths.

Check out our exclusive interview with Drunken Kong below:

Having a residency in Japan, how has the electronic scene changed since your time there? Have you noticed a difference in styles from the culture there?

Over the course the years, techno has been around for a while. What do you think is your duo’s strength that keeps it refreshing for your audience?

Working with the beat packs you’ve made, have you ever received any artists sending you their work using those sound packs? Have you recognized it at all while going to any shows?

Electronic music has a deep history over the past 4 decades, where do you find your inspiration in electronic music?

While making a song, is there a routine or pattern you do to make your music or do you construct it by feel?

Live, how ten do you improvise? If so, what makes you confident in doing so?

There are so many new ‘controllers’ that roll out faster than phones – how do you determine what is worth keeping? Is it because you can use it live and at home?

Tracks such as ‘The Signs Within’ and ‘Life We Knew’ radiate a deliciously sinister hook while track such as ‘Secret Garden’ and ‘Perfect Dominance’ hit the audience with something more deep, what style or sounds should fans expect more from you guys?

Listen to ‘Life We Knew’ below:

Listen to Secret Garden below:

Tell us what it was like collaborating with Victor Ruiz and Christian Smith? How did all that get started and how did those tracks contribute to the album?

‘The Signs Within’ releases this month, what do you guys hope to accomplish following that?

One message for all your fans?

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