Spinnin' Records Could Be Bought Out And 2 Media GIANTS Want In

You all probably know what Spinnin' Records is but in case you don't, Spinnin' Records is a Dutch independent record label, founded in 1999 by Eelko van Kooten and Roger de Graaf.
As May 2017, the label's YouTube channel has over 17 million subscribers, making it the 24th-most-subscribed YouTube channel.

Besides their main imprint, Spinnin' Records hosts approximately forty sub-labels, the majority linked to a specific artist. The label provides A&R, management, publishing and (digital) marketing for artists they have under contract. Notable sublabels include Heldeep Records (run by Oliver Heldens), Musical Freedom (run by ), Spinnin' Deep and Spinnin' Premium. All the sublabels focus on various sorts dance and electronic music. If you are a big name in the EDM scene, chances are you have dropped a track on Spinnin'.

With all their success in the industry, and the massive rise in popularity EDM in a whole, it was only a matter time before a few media megacompanies would become interested in this EDM giant.

Music Business Worldwide a trusted website that has broken multiple label buyouts including Century Media being bought by Sony in 2015 and also the purchase last year The Ministry Of Sound label by Sony as well.

Here comes their latest scoop.

They are hearing from trusted sources that Dutch electronic music label Spinnin’ Records is on the block – and that at least two major labels are in the mix to acquire the company.

Whispers suggest that both Sony and Warner are currently contenders to acquire Spinnin’, and that the indie is also being perused by private equity organizations.

BMG, on this occasion, is not believed to be interested in joining the fray.

The price tag, we hear, is expected to be in the region a whopping $100m.

Would this have any affect on what they release music wise, we have no idea but we don't think what could be the biggest label in EDM would change it roots just because a buyout, and we sure hope they don't.