Stu G & Robot Disco Puma – Sellin' Chickens [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Stu G & Robot Disco Puma – Sellin’ Chickens

It’s fair to say that many artists and music lovers alike have taken some form inspiration from the Dirtybird crew, and Stu G Robot Disco Puma are no exception. Their latest track, “Sellin’ Chickens“, comes straight from the one and only grill master on the Dirtybird team: GRILL$ON.

When asked about the track inspiration, the two artists uncovered quite the story:

“On an intergalactic mission to recharge their planet’s twerk capacitors, a malfunction upon their space station caused Stu G and Robot Disco Puma to plummeted to earth. As the wreckage cleared, they found themselves in the mist what earthlings called The Dirtybird Campout. Exploring this new found territory funky grooves and delicious acid bass lines, head boppin through the crowd, they soon found their cosmic levels depleted and in need recharge. Seeking both nourishment and advice on interacting with these new found Dirtybird earth babes, the two sought out knowledge from the legendary wiseman known as GRILL$ON.

A man few words, GRILL$ON took a moment, then, with one piece advice, change the strategy their mission, ‘Chicks love chicken’. With this new found knowledge, Stu G and Robot Disco Puma set out to collect all Earth’s twerk reserves with the production “Sellin Chickens”. In order to relay the message back to their home planet, they are asking earthlings to crank up the volume and blast “Sellin Chickens” across the galaxies in hopes that their home planet will receive the transmission and the twerk levels will be fully restored.”

The track itself has a funky, bassy vibe that definitely feels the Dirtybird vibes. It throws simple, yet entertaining vocal overlay on top the already catchy riff for a bouncin’ track that’ll make you laugh and want to get down at the same time.

Give the track a listen and snag your free download below.

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