"Take It" Song Review on thatDrop.com

Shivaji, a young new artist coming out Sydney, Australia introduces us to a heavy dubstep anthem with one his new singles ‘Take It’. With the low bass frequencies hitting hard and the classic dubstep BPM, Shivaji proves he will reach new heights in the EDM scene.

The soundscape created with this track is reminiscent the older feels dubstep.

However, being a new and upcoming producer, Shivaji added new future wave sounds to create this massive track. ‘Take It’ is currently being sampled and used by various artists because its new and unique sound, so don’t be surprised when you hear some the biggest EDM acts using this heavy track.

With this being the first Shivaji’s 6 new singles the exposure from other artists is all he needs to get his sound out there to the people who will appreciate it.

Take a listen to Shivaji’s track ‘Take It’ Below:

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