Tchami Releases Official Music Video for "World to Me"

Tchami Releases Official Music Video for "World to Me"
Tchami continues to build excitement for his upcoming ‘Revelations EP’. This time the ‘future house’ king has released the ficial video for his single . The stunning video has jaw dropping cinematography that is filmed in the city Shanghai and on the rural Gouqi Island. The plot the video is a classic tale youth discovering itself and focuses on the the story two girls and their troubled relationship/friendship. The main character gets caught up with partying and life in the city and this eventually leads her down a path self-destruction. Adding fuel to the fire, the main character must witness her girlfriend falling in love with another. She eventually goes on to find inner peace toward the end the video where she returns to her perceived rural past.

Intertwined with scenes conflict, gorgeous shots the ocean, floating chrysanthemum petals, and villages are presented. The storyline and video goes perfectly with Tchami’s chill track allowing you to really take in the beauty and chaos the video. Sing J Lee is the director the ficial video. The high quality work that Lee presents to the EDM world can be seen in music videos and promos for Years & Years, Halsey, and Kasabian. The former musician has also done commercial work with G-Star Raw, Adidas, and The British Council.

The track itself is a departure from Tchami’s typical future house sound and has elements trendy tropical house that actually works. The downtempo shift leaves fans wondering if the rest the highly anticipated ‘Revelations EP’ will exhibit a change in musical style. Based on ‘World to Me’ we have high hopes for what Tchami will bring. Watch Tchami and Lee’s work art below.

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