Tchami Turns Heads with his Mellowed Out Future House Release, 'Adieu'

Tchami also known as French DJ Martin Bresso produces what he alludes to as future house, a mix smooth, elevating pround house with more conspicuous EDM inclinations. Ever since he received high praises for releasing a remix ‘‘ by Janet Jackson in 2014, he has been on the rise with a few supporting artists like Skrillex, Diplo, and DJ Snake.

Recently, Tchami stuns his listeners as he builds up a track that mirrors his more mellow future house side.

In his past releases like ‘with and his single, ‘‘, they both start with a hyper-dull beat. Similarly, with his recent release  ‘‘, he begins with an easy, slower pace. He keeps it cool and gathered, as the drop rehashes with delicate vocals. Dive into all these tracks to discover Tchami‘s lighter side.

In 2015, Tchami‘s launched his own record label, . From that point forward, he has not halted with taking care business on his record label.

The future house producer has created a cut the electronic dance music industry to call his own.

His engraved sound along with the family he developed around Confession will certainly satisfy us all. Some these talented artists in his label include 4B, Malaa, and Dillon Nathaniel. 

Take a listen to the latest tracks released on the Confession label: 

Tchami has a busy 2017, don’t miss your chance to hear his newest releases by catching a set his! He is playing year round and around the globe!

Tchami’s  2017 Tour:

BONUS TRACK: Tchami’s remix Janet Jackson’s ‘Go Deep’:

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