That Three-Storey David Bowie Lightning Bolt Won’t Be Built After All

Back in February, artists This Ain't Rock'n' Roll unveiled plans to build a three-dimensional, three-storey version David Bowie's iconic Aladdin Sane lightning bolt in his birthplace Brixton. Now, it's been revealed the project won't go ahead as planned.

Yesterday (March 21) marked the end the crowdfunding campaign to raise money to construct the ZiggyZag monument, with the target goal set for £990,000. As NME reports, fans only raised £50,000.

However, the organizers aren't letting it get them down. "We are still determined to celebrate David Bowie, in Brixton, with a challenging and appropriate piece public art," they said in a statement online. "We're just going to have to approach the fundraising in a different way." 

They continued: "If someone had told us a year ago that we'd raise 50 grand from nearly 700 wonderful people in just three weeks we wouldn't have believed it possible. Thank you from the bottom our Bowie-obsessed hearts for supporting us."

This Ain't Rock'n' Roll had consulted with Bowie's camp in London and New York in putting together the project. They had also designed the Brixton Pound paper currency, which features Bowie on its £10 note.