This Knife Party Remix reminds Music Lovers, that Together we can ‘Save the World’

‘Save the World,’ by electro house trio, Swedish House Mafia graced our ears for the first time back in 2010. Later that following year, remixed the track. That was when the music drew light into our souls.

As listeners begin this Knife Party remix, a steady snare simulates a heartbeat, and the ascending the organ notes allow listeners to envision the rising the sun– indicating a new beginning.

As vocalist John Martin comes in, the words he sings keeps that perception while adding to the harmony the instruments. The words encapsulate a body people who have chosen to stem together to save the rest humanity. Individuals that are already awoken, conscious the knowledge that change will come, yet only when all people are one mind.

Transcendence begins through the second verse. Feelings empathy engulf the listener, giving a relentless yearning to feel fulfilled and whole. An awareness one’s self begins to build, blossoming past our comfort zone, into our dreams.

Moving through our dreams- we long to taste freedom, to touch true happiness, and sense ultimate unification. That is when the question emerges. The awakened acknowledge the listener, “Who’s gonna save the world tonight? Who’s gonna bring you back to life?” Through these words, awakening peaks and the listener has now joined the journey. The music takes over their soul.

The heightening this Knife Party remix continues, morphing the heartbeat into the sound a fast-paced swing a pendulum, as the counting moves us toward the future and what is to come.

The transformation- the rise the listener’s conscious mind. As the drop hits, the battle commences. The fight will endure until the world is one. The song loops through the drop the track twice, to grasp the continuation an ensuing war. Swiftly, the snare ends. The simulated battle subsides. Then, “Boom!” A cloud smoke trails into our ears.

We have won. Our world- saved.

Listen to Knife Party’s remix ‘Save The World’ by the Swedish House Mafia below:

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