tyDi & Col3man Release Their Emotive Electro Soul Collaboration

tyDi, a well-known DJ from Australia, has made his mark in the dance music scene with energetic tracks like ‘‘ and ‘Something About You’. His songs ten features soothing vocals and soaring melodies. On his latest release, which happened to be a collaborative effort, the popular act worked with Col3man, a budding artist based out Los Angeles.

The two artists worked together to create an electro soul masterpiece.

‘That’s How You Know’ strikes just the right balance. The track is filled with thoughtful lyrics and sweet vocals by Melanie Fontana. It also features distinct breakdowns and glitchy hooks that are pretty lively, too.

Though the song, altogether, has a very mellow sound, the two DJs did well by embracing an electro soul direction within this new era.

These artists may not have crafted this emotive track for the main stage, but that is exactly what helps it stand out. When you hear this futuristic drop I’m sure you will turn your head and ask “what song is this?” That’s how you know its good.

Listen to ‘That’s How You Know’ by tyDi & Col3man below:

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