Under 2500: Ouza Releases An Interesting Debut Single Entitled "Drag You Down"

Under 2500 artist is a producer that is just beginning to get their feet wet releasing his debut track earlier this week. The tune carries heavy hitting synths and a unique format that makes this track stand alongside other artist in the beginning stages their career. Released all new Philadelphia based Superdead collective, this track has got all the twists and turns to keep a listener engaged and also change the game while doing so.

is a collective that is trying to “dig into the hidden alleys new music, to find people and sounds that can’t yet be classified”. A feat that is easier said than done in the over saturated, carbon copy ran industry EDM. But I must say they seem to be on a good path so far with two very different sounds released so far. Keep up-to-date with Superdead's envelope pushing artists by following them on and take a listen to ‘s “Drag You Down” below.