US Airforce Troops Threw Down A Barn Rave at This AirBnb; It Did Not End Well

The Airbnb rave is somewhat an internet meme at this point. What is better than renting out someone else’s abode only to throw the most vicious parties in it. Needless to say we do not agree with the antics property destruction. Or in this next story’s case, bunching a property owner in the face. That being said this entire tail is hilarious.

The gentlemen the US airforce troops from RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk told the property owners that their converted barn would be used for a weekend away from base. One that would be relaxed, quiet and easy on the mind. Unfortunately that was a cover story for a rave which included a sound system, smoke machines, disco balls and lighting from fsite.

US Airforce Troops Threw Down A Barn Rave at This AirBnb; It Did Not End Well

The property owners went out for a night on the town and were soon contacted by neighbors with concerns about what was taking place on their property. When the owners did arrive and saw a full scale rave taking place they contacted the police. Most revelers left without a fuss but one the enlisted men decided to punch the male property owner in the face. Airbnb released a statement on the incident:

The US Airforce released a statement saying they were fully complying with the investigation local authorities and are taking their own action against the troops involved. All we can say is that if you are going to have an AirBnb rave, make sure the property is at least isolated.



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