Val Kilmer Spent the Whole Weekend Tweeting About Cate Blanchett

There are plenty strange celebs on Twitter, but Val Kilmer has just cemented himself as a must-follow account. The MacGruber actor has had some fantastic tweets in the past, but he's just outdone himself with a ridiculous (and possibly romantic) Twitter spree.

It turns out that Val has some serious feelings for his Song to Song co-star Cate Blanchett, and he spent the entire weekend tweeting about her.

Kilmer dropped 10 tweets about Blanchett in total. They ranged from an analysis her craft to some serious fawning about her looks. He even retweeted someone else's "Woman Crush Wednesday" post about the actress.

To make it even weirder, Kilmer went on to complain about flying all the way to Australia for some sweet Blanchett facetime and having to awkwardly hang out with her husband instead.

Read Val Kilmer's thirsty Cate Blanchett tweets in full below, and be sure to throw the guy a follow on Twitter. Who knows what he'll write next.