Watch the Fan-Made "Shelter" Movie You've Been Waiting For

With Porter Robinson and Madeon set to perform their Shelter Live Tour tonight at Coachella, for what will be one the last two times, the tour now approaches an end at last. However, the Shelter Live Tour will live on forever. Thanks to Porter and Hugo, thousands and thousands fans shared an amazing experience; we will never forget it.

But, nonetheless, the tour's end looms and to assure you that you never forget the magic that was the Shelter Live Tour, a fan Huntroxic has created “Shelter: The Movie.”

According to the video description, it is:

And I don't think they could have summed it up any better. Like “Worlds: The Movie” and “Adventure: The Movie” before it, Huntroxic and the other fans behind the film produced what has easily been the best footage the tour to date. Watch “Shelter: The Movie” to relive the beauty below.

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