Will OB’s Latest Remix Is Pure ‘Gold’

Will OB's Latest Remix Is Pure 'Gold'
Nashville and New York are colliding on a remix vocalist LAW's track "Gold." LAW, a Nashville-based vocalist who came from a background country and Americana music, reached out to Tim Ryssemus, a partner with the emerging Nashville studio , when she wanted to take aim at an attempt to crossover into pop. The track, which is one five set to release premiering LAW’s breakthrough into a more pop and electronic oriented artistic vision, made its way up to the New York market and was quickly in the hands RVDIOVCTIVE regular, Will OB. The track itself was co-written by LAW and Tim, and produced by Tim, with some input from his studio partner at Altru, John Hanna (whose productions as and we've covered in the past). Lyrically, it takes an introspective turn on the usual break up song; rather than drone on and on about how awful the other party was, 'Gold' develops from the perspective someone understanding that "It's hard to look back and realize that it's your fault. People act like they're on a pedestal and better than they are," more ten than not when a relationship ends and Gold tries to stop that attitude in its tracks. Interestingly, Will OB received only the acapella version the track, with LAW's inimitable vocals telling a unique story. "I could make a whole mixtape f these vocals," Will OB laughingly says. "I've been playing different versions this out for months now and people are always asking who this amazing vocalist is." Will included the track in his latest , his monthly collection tracks aimed at the more health conscious tech house fan, looking for a workout mix.

LAW. - Gold (Will OB Remix)

Generally speaking, substantial vocals (much less vocals that tell a story) are a bit an oddity on a tech house track. But, that's just another reason Will OB felt the need to rise to the challenge blending the usually minimalist nature tech house with a certain infusion the pop world. By receiving only the acapella (and by never hearing the original track before completing the remix) Will OB's remix is a pure reflection LAW's vocals in a tech-house context. "After hearing the vocals, I knew immediately the direction I wanted to go in," Will said. "I was able to put down at least the basics my ideas in one shot." John Hanna echoed this sentiment, having originally recommended Will for the remix once 'Gold' was completed. "He showed me what he had done and I knew this was it." Ultimately, the Will OB 'Gold' Remix stands for the broader notion evolution and change happening at the fringes genres with which we feel familiar. Country and Americana seeking a pop sound combined with a tech house foundation trying to introduce a greater pop element to a traditionally underground genre. Tech house purists may scf at lyrical expression within the genre, and a country fan may not even recognize the potential musical contributions tech house can make, but it's this kind  experimentation and genre bending within music that leads us to new, paradigmatic sounds and tracks we could not even conceive before we heard them. While there are plans in progress to bring LAW and Altru to NYC, nothing has been finalized. You can catch Will OB around the city at various parties around the city over the coming months, starting with his rotop set at the . Be sure to check out the RVDIOVCTIVE to stay up to date on Will OB’s sets, RVDIOVCTIVE’s parties (like the  room on September 8), and tracks like Will OB’s Gold Remix!

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