Willco Returns With Epic Sequel Mix "Literally Fuck Genres Harder" [EXCLUSIVE]

Just a few months ago, one the most interesting and over-the-top hilarious mixtapes broke the internet: ‘‘, from Australian artist Willco. Well, we’ve got great news: Willco has returned with a sequel to the mix, this time aptly titled ‘Literally Fuck Genres Harder’, and you can give it a first listen right here.

It’s hard with any form media – movie, track, mix, book, the works – to create a sequel that matches the prowess the original, but quite frankly, we think this mix might be even better than its predecessor. It has more a hip-hop and alternative rock feel this time around, hitting some big audience favorites from the past years like Panic! At The Disco’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”, Kendrick Lamar’s “m.a.a.d city” and Blink-182’s “I Miss You”, to name a few. It also brings in quite a few genres and tracks you’d never expect to be able to mix with each other in one the most impressive ways we’ve heard in a long time. With a few seconds to each track mixed into 17 minutes glory, this mix hits a massive spectrum songs that a) we never thought we’d hear again and b) everyone in the room will absolutely be able to sing along to.

Though there are far too many nuggets greatness in this mix to point out, here’s one the best moments by far: at approximately 8 minutes and 30 seconds, the recorder rendition The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” that just about sums up how so many us feel about the quality their work. True glory.

For a little taste the creative madness that went on behind this mix’s creation, just take a look at some the names the mashup tracks that were included: “Shooting Foxes In The Face Cos This Meme Hurts My Soul”, “At Least Buy The Police Dinner First”, “If Busta Rhymes Owned Ripped Jeans And A Hair Straightener” and “WHERE ARE YOU AND IM SAW SAWRY”. Each these mashups are so on point, and the names are even more amazing.

When asked about the mix’s inspiration, Willco told us:

Alongside this magic music and classic mashup track names is the artwork that, course, is as ridiculous as everything else. You can than artist Ash Schmitt for this one – find him on and  – and appreciate the wonderful imagery Marshmello tied to a bedpost with a little taste deadmau5 right beside him.

Give this epic follow-up mix a listen below! You can download each the mashups individually  or by heading to the  page and clicking “Download More AIDS” (because that’s exactly what you want, right?).

Willco – Literally Fuck Genres Harder