X-Change Zeros In On The Perfect Electro Pop Single, 'The Last Time'

From an Electrical Engineer to an electronic music DJ, Paul Mattis is developing a signature sound under the moniker, . After a successful career as lead acoustic engineer for General Motors he started following his passion making music full-heartedly. Since then he has gained recognition from the likes Hardwell and performed at coveted festivals like . His latest work features Nicci and the helping touch Shayon.

X-Change and friends develop a spectacular electro pop single, ‘The Last Time’.

‘The Last Time’ is built with a dreamy vibe and angelic lyrics that will keep you grounded. The essence this track reminds me lyrics in a Talking Heads song which go, “feet on the ground, head in the sky.”

The structure the piece keeps you captivated from start to end. The single develops with an elegant piano and Nicci‘s inviting vocals. Then, the drop is playful with pretty twinkling synths that gracefully counterweights Nicci‘s catchy lyrics. Appreciate the precision X-Change displays for each note placement to create such a piercing beat.

Here is what X-Change mentioned about the song writing process for ‘The Last Time’:

X-Change takes a refreshing approach to electro pop.

This track stands out from most big room festival hits since it is thoughtful and inviting thanks to the magical drop and Nicci‘s wide vocal range. ‘The Last Time’ is swift with a light air that packs plenty power to get the whole crowd bouncing. Enjoy the goldenly silent spaces within the beat as X-Change shows control restraint.

Nicci’s voice makes listeners sit up and take notice.

The extended version takes much longer on the intro as X-Change builds suspense with major chords and a heavy, hard-hitting beat before Nicci’s vocals finally enters. This Radio edit is crisp and satisfying. Allow the lyrics to pull you in as they ring, “because everybody wants to feel something, just living on a prayer, all or nothing.” Thankfully he fers this earworm up for .

Listen to X-Change’s ‘The Last Time’ featuring Nicci:

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