YouTube seeks to debut a new paid streaming service by March

will look to launch its own music streaming service come March. Tentatively titled “Remix,” the paid service will fer video clips directly sourced from YouTube, as well as on-demand music streaming.

Remix represents third attempt to introduce a music streaming platform that can contend with the likes and . Google released its audio-only streaming service, Google Play Music, in 2011. 2014 would see the development YouTube Music Key, a subscription based service that coupled ad-free music streaming and music video viewing on YouTube for a ten-dollar monthly fee. In 2015, YouTube Music Key became . YouTube Red maintained all YouTube Music Key’s original features, adding fline video viewing. YouTube Red also enabled subscribers to listen to videos even when their phone screens were turned f.

has already signed a licensing deal with YouTube in support Remix. YouTube currently remains in talks with and . The inception Remix is said to hinge on YouTube’s ability to negotiate agreements with major music publishers.

YouTube will remain on the fensive as its contract with becomes subject to renewal in early 2018. Jointly owned by Sony and Universal, Vevo holds a “majority share” music video rights. YouTube, however, might find some its industry relationships to be tenuous given the record industry’s general distaste for YouTube’s reportedly thin payouts to labels and artists. The third time might indeed be the ‘charm’ for Google, but only time will tell if Remix can emerge as a formidable contender in the music streaming market.


YouTube seeks to debut a new paid streaming service by March