1991 is a Force of Nature with ‘Cyclone’ ft. Mugatu

It’s been a whirlwind week for 1991. The London-based DJ and producer released his latest track ‘Cyclone’ ft. Mugatu on Thursday and by Saturday, was closing out Cosmic Meadows at EDC Las Vegas with the Drum and Bass collective WORSHIP. If 1991 was considered an emerging artist before, it’s safe to say he’s now fully launched.

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‘Cyclone’ exemplifies 1991’s distinctive style, blending high-energy rhythms with intricate soundscapes, a hallmark that has earned him a dedicated following. A ground shaking bass line and techy breaks balance the atmospheric vocals of the mysterious Mugatu. As far as I can tell, he’s not Will Ferrell’s character from Zoolander but there’s not much of an Internet trail. 

However, we do know who 1991 is and that’s Frederick Webb, who appeared on the scene in 2016. Initially producing music under a different alias, he encountered issues with record labels, resulting in a backlog of unreleased tracks for several years. Eventually, he shared his music with the label Skankandbass, which forwarded it to Chase & Status. They were instantly impressed and played a pivotal role in supporting his career as 1991.

Following his February release ‘Worlds Apart’ with Goodboys and the spring WORSHIP Tour with Sub Focus, Dimension and Culture Shock, 1991 is whipping up a cyclone of energy as he kicks off festival season.