2020 Album of the Year – Top Dance Electronic Album of the Year

At the 2020 CMAs (Certified Music Awards) in Las Vegas, billboard Music Award honoree Glen Campbell received a grandiose award which elevated him to heights few can aspire to. The award was for his amazing cover of We Are God. It is one of the best selling songs of all time and has become known as a soul song, much more than a pop tune. Prior to winning the award, Campbell had never won a music award before, let alone winning one for such a well-received song. He states, “I really did not expect to win…I just celebrated my 25th anniversary last year and am extremely humbled.”

While no one can argue that Campbell is indeed an artist of tremendous talent, his story is somewhat unique. His rise to fame was a long and interesting one, starting out as a humble backing vocalist in the country music scene, playing folk shows, then working with bands like Blue Bayou and finally gaining notice with the elusive producer Phil Collins. He has since released two very successful albums. No one can argue that his style and talent have not been noticed by the music industry.

But this artist did not just sit back and rest on his laurels. He has released several other excellent albums and has also gained accolades and awards for his choreography in the dance community. For this, he says, “I always feel like I’m a kid at heart. If people really want to hear my songs on the radio, they need to hear them performed by somebody who knows what they’re doing and has an ear for a good tune.”

What exactly did Campbell do to receive this music award? He says he was simply trying to get more exposure for his music. “I wanted to show people that I had evolved over the years and that I was still very much a kid at heart.” Although he admits it may take some time, he believes he is well on his way to stardom in the dance music scene. “I’ve always looked at this as an art form more than a music career,” he adds. “It’s a lifestyle.

Campbell has certainly gained an appreciation not only from fans but from colleagues in the dance music industry. “When he first won the top award, it was a huge surprise to everybody because he wasn’t expecting it at all,” says Mikelburne. “But he is a real person, not just a pop star. He is a good family guy and a very sweet guy.”

Top Dance Electronic Album of the Year is a fitting tribute to Campbell’s impressive musical career. The album contains a wide range of dance music that draws from a variety of influences. Some of the songs are from his past and present musical ventures and others are fresh and new. He has worked with many high profile artists including Rihanna and David Guetta. The success of the album proves that dance music – even from a modest standpoint – can be lucrative.

What is interesting about Top Dance Electronic Album of the Year is that it is not one of those shows that playing the mainstream hits but rather one of those rarefied artistic creations that only gains popularity with time. The album showcases a singer-songwriter who is well known to his peers for his thoughtful lyrics and unique dance music style. Campbell has always been open to new ideas and has incorporated several sounds into his songs. His voice is soft and mellow yet commands the listener with his mellow tone. He has introduced his audiences to new dance music that has been popular and has never seemed to go out of style.

With Top Dance Electronic Album of the Year upon us, we can only expect great things for 2020. So get out there and support Campbell by buying this album when it comes out. It’s worth it! After all, with dance music becoming more popular, it’s easy to imagine a day when Top Dance Electronic Albums will no longer be the most sought after records. Who knows, but you can be the one to be the first.