3 New Artists To Watch Out For in the New Year

When it comes to discovering the latest hot new electronic dance music, there certainly are two major points which can make quite a difference. Firstly, you need to be able to recognise great new tracks and producers, and secondly you need to be able to identify the latest sounds and styles in this field. There are those artists that have just one or two great songs, who fade into obscurity with barely any fanfare and then there’s the artists that have been playing out for years and who have built up a huge following, thanks to the internet. This article will list some of the latest hot new electronic dance music, which is making its way through the club circuit and doing good at the moment.

It’s not known where the new hot new thing will emerge from next, with so many producers starting to come up with fresh ideas and sounds every week. One DJ that has emerged as a major talent in recent times is Disclosure, whose singles ‘Don’t Play These Games’ and’Shelter’, are currently enjoying huge radio play on the likes of Radio 1. They have also made their debut in the charts with their debut album ‘Modern Day’, which climbed to No 1 in the U.K., becoming the first dance record to achieve such a feat. Disclosure is one of the most popular new names in the dance music scene and they continue to impress with new song ‘I Decade’ featuring Disclosure and Rihanna and their massive hit ‘We Will Rock’.

One of the most exciting new names in the electronic music scene is London based artist/ DJs/ Producer Ben Shemen and his duo of producers Labian and Rokstone. Labian and Rokstone first appeared as a duo in the late 90s and have gone on to become one of the most popular UK dance label creations ever. They have remixed a wide range of artists including David Guetta, JLS and Chromeo and their style and creativity has been described as ‘artsy techno music, with elements of pop and jungle’; it’s this style of music that has helped them gain a reputation for being the go to guys for up and coming talent. Their incredible sense of mixing and playing has made them stand out from other producers and they have even formed their own label ‘Tech Recordings’ to promote their singles and albums further.

One of the biggest and most popular names in the electronic dance music scene is Throkinator. They have been described by some critics as ‘dancing with the future’ and their single ‘Wake Me Up’ has become one of the most downloaded singles on UK dance stations. With a sound that is similar to that of a piano and some vocals thrown in the mix, it is no surprise that Throkinator have already begun work on their sophomore album. If their first album ‘Love In Speed’ was any indication of the type of quality that await us with their follow up, then we should expect something amazing from them. With the style and talent of artists such as Throkinator, it is hard to imagine anyone saying that trance-like beats and soft vocals will not only stay for another couple of years, but that trance like music will still be around when the stars come out.

Another big name in the new hot new music scene is Kodeezy. After producing and DJing for some of the biggest names in house in recent years, Kodeezy managed to get his name back in the headlines. Although he didn’t manage to land them with the same track, his performances at DJ World London and other award ceremonies have impressed many music fans. Expectations are high for Kodeezy this year as he aims to challenge himself and push himself on every track he plays this season. One of the strongest influences on his music is none other than Disclosure, with whom he shares a similar sense of popularity, both artistically speaking.

This DJ has been at the forefront of pushing the forward progression of new hot new music for many years. This is apparent on his massive record label contract with Cash Money, and his ability to push new music to the top of the charts across the globe. It is expected that he will continue to push new music in the coming months, following his fantastic performance at the Tomorrow Festival in Japan. He will also be bringing his unique brand of uplifting jungle and soulful bass music to Belgium for the first time ever in March.

The next name on the list is the legendary Los Angeles DJ and producer David Gutta. Born in Southern California, Gutta has made a name for himself as one of the most innovative and talented new generation of DJ’s in the industry. Most of his music is based around deep jungle and reggae sounds, however this year he has decided to branch out and try and make some mainstream hits. Expect a massive amount of new hot new tracks from him this year, as he tries to push the borders of his genre further into the mainstream.

Last but certainly not least on the list for the best and brightest new hot new dj for the year is the man known as Alex Goad. Also from Los Angeles, Goad has built a reputation as one of the world’s most accomplished and sought after DJs over the past several years. He runs his own record label and has played on some of the biggest stages in the world as a result. Expect some big tunes from this performer this year as he continues to push the limits of both his music and his DJing abilities. You can expect this to be one of the most talked about DJs on the circuit for quite some time.