3LAU, Shaun Frank, and Grabbitz deliver listeners’ next addiction with ‘At Night’ – Dancing Astronaut

3LAU, Shaun Frank, and Grabbitz teamed up to deliver an addictive collaboration we didn’t know we needed: “At Night.” The release is another one rumored to be a part of the new album 3LAU is working on. “At Night” fuses alt-electronic notes with a soft house backdrop, creating a unique whole that fans haven’t heard from the trio before.

Sultry vocals welcome listeners into a somber sonic universe filled with pulsating synths with vocal breaks mixed in. As the drop nears, the song cresdcendos into a soundscape bursting with euphoric chord progressions and electric guitar riffs that signal the explosion ahead. Once the shuffle friendly kicks rejoin the mix, the infectious single leaves little choice but to let loose to the rhythm.

“At Night” is out Blume, 3LAU’s not-for-profit label.

Photo credit: Rukes