5 Songs Jai Paul Heavily Inspired.

">Savage where the intentionally unmixed track has the distinct feel of a Jai Paul song. Being released just a year or so after the Jasmine and BTSTU its a good first contender for a heavily influencing from Jai.

Second on the list is Two Feet, and their track ">Go Fuck Yourself. The vinyl pops, the soft vocals that get slowly layered on with new vocal pieces later in the song, to the lazy hats thrown through the back end of the chorus, like in the outro of Jasmine is how  you know this could have been made right up Rayners Lane.

Racing down to number three is ">Not Enough (Demo Version) by Demo Taped. From how the song is even called ‘Demo Version’, to the silky chord stabs carrying the song and the rising notes of his voice are all characteristically a thing of a Paul song, in particular BTSTU.

Second to last on the list is ">YDU by Opia. One of the more distinctively Jai Paul influenced songs for the heavy use of guitar through the track, the quick rolling drum patterns/fx just like in the second chorus of BTSTU, the chords that overlay the chorus/verse is too uncannily like BTSTU.

Abhi//Dijon in his track ">Often is last. It emulates a Paul vibe in the unprocessed deep low end kick, angelic vocals and its minimalist use of instruments used is very much like All Night.

Jai Paul sounding heavily like the Prince’s ">Extraloveable ’83 is perhaps where it all could have come from. With how extensive Jai Paul’s musical sphere is,  it very much could be.

All we know is the finely processed vocals, great blend of electric guitar and unfinished music he released years ago, has been a great contribution Jai has brought to contemporary electronic music.

Comment below if you have a favorite Jai Paul track and if you would love new music from the man, the myth, the legend.