A beast of a song: “Tiger Style” by Dixie is exotic, aggressive, and roaring!

• Massive PsyTrance bassline
• Tokyo Drift vibes in the break lead
• Fierce and bouncy

Today, there’s another beast prowling that needs your attention: “Tiger Style” is not afraid to roar and pounce when needed! Created by the Australian moniker Dixie and released in the wild by CZLR Records; the Psy-trance banger is an impressive experience for its ferocious nature. It’s one of the most brutal tunes minus a Hard kick that has recently recurred in the genre, excluding the ones geared towards Hard Dance for obvious reasons.

The breakdown pulls off tension without risking too much: a very specific vocal is played over, and a “Tokyo Drift” inspired lead wrestles with the growls. It’s effective, leaving an exotic note on “Tiger Style” without becoming predictable.

The transition took me off-guard, which was uncouth and raw compared to the rest… as if the drop couldn’t wait to show its claws. However, this is a quality drop and hearing it dominate over the tune justifies the imperfections. The work on the bassline sculpted a healthy dose of bounciness and aggression, something I have been hearing lately from Aussie producers. Their basses just smash!

So, “Tiger Style” is a club weapon that deserves more spotlight, and I must recommend this if you are looking to level up your workout playlists. Purely from a technical standpoint, Dixie did stunning work especially with the bassline, giving the breakdown of its personality. Rare stuff, this one!

You can listen to “Tiger Style” here: