A Festival was “postponed” due to sheep poo and people aren’t happy

There are plenty of reasons for festivals to cancel, not enough ticket sales, generally unsafe venues, artists pulling out, but this time it’s apparently something a little different.

Another World, a UK festival that was meant to have its first run from August 3-5 at Washingpool Farm in Bristol has cited excess sheep faeces as an excuse to last minute cancel the event stating that a health and safety officer deemed it unsafe.

However there may be more to this one than seems, as reports emerge that there was no attempt to rectify the situation, with a conflicting statement coming from the site manager Colin Agius saying that he “had many fields with no problem” and got no response from the event organiser after he tried to contact him with a resolution.

Lots of strange things have come up regarding this festival including DJs saying they weren’t told they were on the bill, promoters saying they were never paid and now with the event organiser having deleted his Facebook and the Another World Facebook page it’s looking more suspect by the minute.

People have been left so fuming over being left in the dark and out of pocket  that they’ve even made a big angry Facebook group about it. After Fyre Festival nothing really surprises us much anymore, but it’s never good to hear about festival organisers ripping punters off. You can read more about the whole incident here and tell us what you think!