A Mind-Expanding Journey Through the Grey Line: A Review of SPIME.IM’s “Grey Line”

I must admit that the creation from the Italian group SPIME.IM is one of the most innovative pieces of music I’ve ever heard. It’s a mesmerizing blend of influences from various club genres in the EDM world, from Minimal House to Dubstep, all deconstructed and reconstructed in a magical journey through different gradations of grey.

As a casual listener, I found so much fun and thought-provoking material when listening to “Grey Line” that a single review couldn’t do it justice. There’s no doubt about it – this album exudes pure creativity. Each song is like a puzzle piece that intricately weaves into a larger narrative, inviting you on an unforgettable musical adventure.

Crystal ft. Stina Fors

The journey begins with “Crystal,” featuring the astonishing vocal performance of Stina Fors. Initially, it’s a challenging composition to grasp, with its ethereal voice, intermittent silences, and distant segments of Drum & Bass. But it’s precisely this complexity that draws you deeper into your own mind, creating an immersive experience where getting lost is part of the allure.


Moving on to “Heliotrope,” the album takes a softer turn with a calm composition – ehy, wait, I was wrong. Just as you start to relax, frenetic segments of orchestral and wild percussions take over, defying traditional genre labels. This experimentation with alternative patterns and genres feels like a lesson in musical innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.


“Mystic” skillfully fuses Dubstep and Orchestral elements, creating a slower, mesmerizing soundscape. A soothing vocal in the breakdown enriches the experience, leading to long buildups and a climactic release that feels like waves crashing on a shoreline. It’s a trippy and captivating journey for the ears.


As the title suggests, “Simple” is precisely that – a minimal and repetitive tune. While it might be a bit too repetitive for some, the audacity to include such a curious structure is commendable. It adds an element of surprise to the album, showcasing SPIME.IM’s willingness to take risks.


“Acid,” on the other hand, tricks you with its title. One might expect an Acid drop, but instead, it builds up to a different outcome, leaving you with an unexpected twist. It’s a playful move that keeps you on your toes.

Pure ft. Lorem

“Pure” introduces the guest vocals of Lorem, which break the delicate atmosphere of the previous tracks with an eerie Dubstep-inspired composition. Dark basslines and intricate details blend seamlessly with Lorem’s commanding presence, creating something truly unique and captivating.


With a triumphant buildup and subtle exotic influences, “Mirage” bursts onto the scene with its robust personality. Thumping kicks, an aggressive lead, and hints of Big Room in the percussions make this track a club banger. It might be the most “classic” of the album, but the familiarity is a warm welcome amidst all the experimental sounds.


Concluding the experience, “Hint” presents a final experimental structure, playing with changes of pace, silences, and unique instruments. Following the main melody is a delightful challenge, and the synergy with the vocal enhances the ever-evolving and shape-shifting structure.

In conclusion, ‘Grey Line’ by SPIME.IM is an audacious and mind-expanding musical journey that transcends traditional boundaries. The album’s unique fusion of genres and experimental essence make it an exhilarating experience for anyone willing to delve into the nuances of grey. SPIME.IM’s ability to create immersive audiovisual experiences is evident throughout the album, and ‘Grey Line’ stands as a testament to their innovative approach to art and music. This album promises to leave an indelible mark on your senses and mind, opening new doors to the limitless possibilities of musical creativity.