A Must-Hear New Release: Kallaghan Delivers Hard-Hittin….

Kallaghan unveils his latest smash production titled, ‘Wasting Time’; a sonic fusion of Drum and Bass, Bass House, and Rock, this new offering from the talented Producer and DJ emerges as an energetic display of his hard-hitting signature style and the perfect example of the next musical chapter he appears to be writing. Having established his place as a multi-platinum Rock Producer within the industry, Kallaghan is now embarking on his own musical journey, arriving on the Electronic Music scene with a striking force. This fresh new release from the Producer serves as yet more proof of his undeniable talents when it comes to music production and his confidence to push his own creativity to new innovative heights: set for release via his own label, Grail Records USA, and Believe Music ‘Wasting Time’ packs a powerful punch that is sure to garner attention. 

Breaking into the genre with an unwavering determination to carve out a unique and original path, Kallaghan has been making mighty waves across Electronic Music. With a distinct and original sonic identity, his music is already standing out within the genre and, as he presents himself as a genre-bending Artist, never afraid to break down barriers and discover new nuances to Electronic Music, this is a Producer and DJ to keep watching.  

This new track emerges as the flagship production for Kallaghan’s upcoming live performance at the Exchange in Los Angeles, teasing fans with the high-energy and infectious grooves sure to be injected into his live DJ set. As the track takes listeners on an exhilarating sonic journey, energising them with danceable beats and hypnotic melodic details, Kallaghan ensures that his talents and ever-skilled signature style shine through. Featuring dark sonic elements, like enigmatic synth lines and a hard-hitting low end, ‘Wasting Time’ appears as a distinctive listen, both electrifying and mystifying in its energy; as the track builds with the addition of catchy vocal samples, thumping shuffled rhythms, growling leads, and intensifying risers, listeners are enticed to join the dancefloor.  

As he adds another bold production to his release catalogue, Kallaghan shows an unwavering motivation and enthusiasm that is sure to keep driving him into experimental and explorative territories. With a signature style that continues to evolve as he finds new ways to express his passionate creativity, Kallaghan will no doubt keep emerging as an innovative and unmissable talent within Electronic Music. So, make sure to keep an eye on him by following him across social media, as this is a Producer and DJ you don’t want to miss out on. ‘Wasting Time’ is out now via Grail Records USA and Believe Music and is available in all major online stores and leading streaming platforms. 


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