A new twist, after so many years? Mount Rouge takes on “More Than You Know”

• Melodic Techno meets Tropical House
• Original vocal loses some charm
• Stunning job with the percussions

It’s intriguing to witness, five years later, the transformation of Axwell Λ Ingrosso‘s “More Than You Know” into a completely different vibe—a more laidback interpretation courtesy of Mount Rouge’s unique blend of Melodic Techno and Tropical House. This rendition offers a chilled-out alternative to the original’s high-energy allure, marking a refreshing departure from the post-Swedish House Mafia era.

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Mount Rouge, a newly-formed trio already gaining acclaim for their innovative Melodic Techno sound and mesmerizing DJ sets, takes on the challenge with gusto. Remixing a classic hit showcases the boldness and creativity of this group, already earning recognition from both audiences and industry peers, including Keinemusik, Francis Mercier, and Moojo.

My expectations were initially sky-high, and the result proved to be a pleasant surprise that grew on me over time. The slower pace of the Melodic Techno vibe initially threw me off, particularly with the vocal taking on a more subdued tone, which dulled some of the original track’s charm. However, Mount Rouge’s masterful percussion work quickly won me over. Their calm and hypnotic rhythms created a magical atmosphere, especially during the buildup, leading seamlessly into the drop. The simplicity and minimalism of their approach, coupled with the modern Techno twist on the original piano melody, added a fresh dimension to the remix.

This isn’t your typical Progressive House remix. Mount Rouge faced a daunting task in reimagining such an iconic track, especially considering the various approaches taken by other remixers. While some opted for straightforward power enhancements, Mount Rouge found a balance that feels both natural and signature to their style—a feat that no one else has achieved in the five years since the original release.

In conclusion, congratulations are in order for this courageous trio. I look forward to hearing more from Mount Rouge as they continue to push boundaries and redefine expectations in the world of remixing.

You can listen to “More Than You Know” here:

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