Aadysi Pushes the Boundaries with "Runnin' Back To You"

What's interesting about the EDM industry is how much potential can be found in a simple scroll through SoundCloud. Thousands producers who dream to be the next big thing in electronic music. However, not all them quite have what it takes. Meet Aadysi, the next big thing who has what it takes.

At only 23 years age, Aadysi currently has four releases on SoundCloud, all polished with surprising precision. He understands sound design, and honestly, he has something special. His latest release “Runnin' Back To You” may be his best yet. Aadysi pushes the boundaries and blends the widest variety electronic elements with absolute ease. It's a beauty.

Listen to “Runnin' Back To You” below and keep an eye open for future Aadysi releases because there are big things in this young man's future…