Adidas have just dropped acid house inspired sneakers and we’re not sure how to feel

In the todays edition of sneakers versus electronic music we have Adidas Originals entering the market.

We’ve been gifted with a shoe that pays homage to acid house, a genre defined by that 303 synth sound that we love and hate at the same time.The shoe attempts to throw back to the classic smiley face imagery with a yellow and black colour way and a classic dad-shoe style.

We’re not completely sold on this one, and saying it’s an acid house shoe almost feels like a bit of a gimmick. It does, however, resemble shoes of that 90s rave culture era, so maybe I just don’t like the shoes themselves!

Check out a video on it below and see for yourself. What do you think, legitimate throwback to acid house, or a bit of a grab at the market?