Afrojack & DLMT – Wish You Were Here (feat. Brandyn Burnette)

• Alluring breakdown with subtle vocal presence
• Unexpected and groovy drop segment
• Dexterous presence of both artists in the instrumental

As we have talked in this blog for many a times, collaborations including major names seldom have equal participation and passion, and more of a work done by the up and coming producers (or co-producers) involved in the project. Luckily, I cannot say the same for the newest offering from the Dutch icon Afrojack, who has kept true to his roots while innovating for the better. Sharing a joint-effort along with the rising Canadian act DLMT and talented vocalist Brandyn Burnette, the outcome is an undeniably catchy and may glue the audience on dance-floor in future gigs. Having a rather melancholic title named “Wish You Were Here”, don’t let it be a cause for misjudgment, as this production will satiate most people with its swaying and grabby tone.

While browsing YouTube one mundane day, I luckily came across Afrojack’s set for DJ Mag Top 100 this year and included one hour worth of various IDs and entertaining mash-ups. Within this particular gig, he also played this specific instrumental, and surprisingly enough, my conscience could determine that this definitely had to be a work from the leading veteran. However, I couldn’t confirm entirely whether it was a single or studio-synergy, so I had to cross my fingers on when this would release. Astonishingly enough, this came out under two weeks from the day I head-nodded vigorously to this performance, taking away my doubt on whether he had created this song.

Furthermore, DLMT’s presence in this work adds up to the quality so demonstrated. The Toronto-based act has recurrently got his discography supported from the likes of Dim Mak, Enhanced and Musical Freedom. Balancing his signature between groove-driven Tech and Bass House (such as “Elevate”), to more sublime and deeper presentation in “So Cold”, he has kept a stellar profile in honing his sounds towards the club-compatible tonality.

Pressing play on the song will introduce you to the splendid vocal, which is accompanied by a ricochet-ing whistling sample and a Reece bass. This simplistic combination is effective enough, to the point you could have a hard time anticipating what lays next. Absorbing my entire attention, the main highlight of this song enters, and it may awe you for its ingenuity. The drop takes influences from gritty Bass House structure, alternating between a hoover-ish and mildly distorted Saw synths and a funky mixture of vocal snippets and squeaky sounds, which adds to the catchiness even more. There is a pleasant balance between DLMTs House arrangements and the endearingly fresh companionship of Afrojack’s signature. Whatever your final opinion might be, but we can be unanimous about one thing: they definitely experimented and decided to go well and above listener’s expectations!

It is always a pleasure to see uprising names and heavyweights sharing such fruitful studio associations, not adhering to the textbook and generic efforts. An even better news awaits, since Spinnin’ announced a remix competition on this composition, so we definitely recommend this to the readers who spend a considerable amount of time on audio-workstations. Apart from all these, “Wish You Were Here” is yet another lovely addition to Wall Recordings!

You can listen to “Wish You Were Here” here:

Spinnin’ Records · Afrojack & DLMT – Wish You Were Here (feat. Brandyn Burnette) [OUT NOW]