Agents of Time – Prince Of The Stars EP

• Experimental and Leftfield approach
• Emphasis on synths, a signature
• Alluringly abstruse albeit minimalism

In my current list of Electronic artists who have earned a great deal of my admiration, Agents of Time have found themselves atop for their singular methodology towards this industry. After having clicked on one of their recorded performances last year (which was uploaded by Afterlife Recs), I didn’t need further convincing on dedicating a separate article for them. Their latest endeavour “Prince Of The Stars EP” is not merely five distinct instrumentals put together, but a unique story narrated by digital creations.

If you haven’t been acquainted to this pair beforehand this writing piece, then allow me for a brief introduction. Based in Italy, the pair (earlier a trio) have carved a hefty reputation for themselves in domains of melodic Techno, roaming freely in various incarnations of the genre and often indulging in underground styles. Utilizing analogue heavy sound, their offerings opulently peaking in harmonics within emotion-laden constructions. To describe, take for instance “Midnight Drive in Santiago” EP (released prior this one). Striking out amidst these compositions are the synths, glimmering and single-handedly driving the flow with simple but arresting inflections. It ranges from the opening titular song having a Trance-y and abstract performance, to the eccentric and Leftfield-esque “Out Of Format”. One can notice this trend continuing into its descendant as well, one of the many intriguing patterns that diverges this said group from the others in the contemporary scene.

Agents Of Time · Agents Of Time – Prince Of The Stars