Alessandro Costa Drops Deep House Track “Dark Matter” Out Now

Dark Master' showcases the gritty thumping high-energy house Alessandro Costa has no issue shelling out on command, the temperament of the single being seductive and immersive. ‘Dark Matter' is one of the singles off of Alessandro Costa's “Be Free” EP out now.

Immersive percussion traits allow the energy of the song to  come out, as slow-churning brass juxtapose an eerie tone in the single. Low bass and deep house melodies catch the attention – Costa showcasing yet again his dynamism and ability to write and arrange something both fluid and catchy from the core on out.

Alessandro Costa: “I tried to reach an underground club atmosphere. I imagined a very small club, one of those one’s where it is almost impossible to be admitted –  smoke, lasers and crowd.”.

With the success of ‘This Is How I Live,' and ‘Just Be Free,’ having the soloist nearly clip the 100K mark across streaming channels in under 4-tracks, Costa’s efforts aren't going unnoticed in the scene.

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