Algoriddim Launches ‘VR DJ’ for Apple’s Vision Pro Headset

The new virtual DJ is here! Algoriddim has introduced a version of its virtual reality DJ software, djay. This release is for Apple’s new Vision Pro headset. The software is available to use with 3D model decks. It allows the DJ to flick through their collection with music which will be floating.

Launched in the US on February 2, Vision Pro is expected to hit shelves by the end of 2024. It allows users to experience reality as well as visuals from the headset. Users can also watch television and utilize the device as their laptop by receiving calls from FaceTime or browsing the web.

For DJs, Algoriddim’s djay software is equipped with 3D model decks. These could be used as real-life ones with the option to scratch on vinyl with music synced from the user’s Apple Music account. Using hand gestures, a DJ can preview a track gesturing they have headphones on. There is also a virtual choice of environments like a tunnel, space lounge or desert.

Djay is free to download with an applicable pro monthly subscription of £6.99.