Alison Wonderland Introduces “Wonderverse” Virtual Event

Alison Wonderland is planning an interactive virtual event titled “Wonderverse” on January 8.

Partnering with Wave, Alison’s Wonderland’s brand new experience “Wonderverse” is a virtual concert like never before. The interactive show features fantastical images of an underworld forest. The experience offers the opportunity for fans to interact in realtime with each other and with Alison.

“On Jan 8th I’ll be playing a live set in an entirely different universe,” she said in an Instagram caption.

Fans have the opportunity to interact and party live with Alison Wonderland. She is also sharing brand new music and exclusive behind the scenes. Alison Wonderland and Wave describe the event as a “one-of-a-kind immersive event” where anything can happen.

With an album in the works, fans are eager to get a glimpse of new music.

As a provider of entertainment, Wave creates nontraditional virtual live experiences. Alison Wonderland is one of many popular names in the music industry that teamed up with Wave. The entertainment company also created a virtual experience for The Weeknd, Rezz, Galantis and many more.

The slogan at Wave is “The Show Must Go Beyond” as the company prides itself on its unique events and experiences. The goal at Wave is creating new routes for artists to fully express and connect to fans.

Wonderverse will take place on January 8 at 6PM PT. Presale tickets are available now for $10. Additional tickets open to the general public on Monday, December 28.

Alison Wonderland Quarantine Projects

Alison did not keep her fans waiting in quarantine. She worked on multiple projects throughout the year.

Earlier in 2020, she collaborated on ‘Bummed’ with Chet Porter as well as ‘W.W.C.B.D.’ with phem. In November, she also teamed up with Valentino Khan on ‘Anything’.

Additionally, she dropped her own single titled ‘Bad Things’.

On top of new music, she participated in a number of virtual festivals including Digital Mirage as well as her own live stream with Valentino Khan.

With an album on the way, it’s likely Alison Wonderland will provide her fans with even more content very soon.